Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hair inspiration; blondes

Today I'm going to the hairdresses! I'm going to colour my hair blonder, hope it turns out good. My hair is in bad condition, so I really hope it doesn't fall off!

Anyway, wanted to show you some people with nice blonde hair for your inspiration!

What do you think about blonde hair? Which hair did you like the best of the pictures?

Friday, January 30, 2009

Blush; Tips and how to do

People wearing blush look more healthy with some colour in their face. Without blush you may look ill, because there is no colour in your faceskin.
So, what kind of blush should you use? How do you find your perfect blush colour?

One of the ways to apply the blush

Normally you apply the blush on your cheekbons, but you can also apply it gently with a brush on your forehead and nose to add some more colour to your face.

There are many different types of blushes;


The correct colour of blush, is the cheeks color. You can also select the blush colour according to the lip and eye colour. One can use blush in different colours like warm hues, peaches and beiges, and one can use blush in pinks and red colours.
However, I think everyone can use all the colours - you just have to find the right tone of colour.

There are so many colours in different tones out there! You can choose between pink, peach, beige and reds.

Powder blush is perfect for oily and greasy skin, as it doesn't make the skin shine so much as the liquid blusher. For dry skin you can use cream blusher, this is more moisturized and doesn't dry the skin out more.

Not only a blush
Do you love the colour of your blush and want the same colour as a lipstick too, but can't find it?

Well, you can actually make your own lipstick with your blusher! All you need to do is mix your blush with your lipgloss, lipbalm or Vaselin.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Benefit: High Beam

I want this highlighter so bad! The pink colour is super cute and would look so good on the checks and underneeth the eyebrows. I borrowed it once with my sister, and I though it looked really pretty on. It highlighted good, and gave a nice glow that would fit a natural look as good as a night time look.

Have you tried High Beam, what do you think about it?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I <3 Uggs

I have been in love with UGG's since the first time I saw them on the street. I started off buying some fake ones, I thought the real UGG's were allmost the same. Well, they look the same, only without the UGG label on the heel.

The heel of the fake ones got quick damaged, and I thought I would never buy real UGG's for a such high price, and the thought of the heel breaking so fast did not make me think it was worth it. (So I didn't buy any real UGG's before this autmn,as I found a website were they sold UGG's for half the price from the shop!)

The quality is absoloutly different!! The shoe is really warm, because of the sheepskin and doesn't make you feet feel cold even in snow! I have been using my boots allmost everyday, but now they just broke :-( So I think I will send an email to the company, were I bought my UGG's from, to let them know that this isn't good! And hopefully they will fix them or give me a new par (it's allowed to dream you know).

Even though my first pair off UGG's broke, I'm abosolutly going to buy a new pair again! I found some pairs on sale and I like all of them!

Which colour do you like the best?
If you know about a cheap website that sell UGG's, please please please let me now! <3

How do I make a poll on blogspot?

I wonder how to make a poll on the rightside off my blog. I have found it on "adding gadges" but it doesn't seem to work, when I have saved the question and answers it tells me that the poll is deleted (?)

- By the way, I have updated my profile if you want to know a little more about me :-)

NARS's Heart of Desire Spring 2009 Collection

Take a look at these pretty spring colours from NARS! I love the pinks in this collections, and also the blue eyeshadow looks really nice and cool.

NARS's Spring 2009 colletions contains;
Eyeshadow Duos
- Egea (cool gold/cool lavender)
- Hula Hula (pale pink/light gold)

Eyeshadow Singles
Baby Girl (light pink)
Grenadines (raspberry)
Night Sun (bright gold-yellow)

Blush Duo
Hungry Heart (pale gold/pale peach)

Sweet Revenge


Multiple Duo
Orgasm/South Beach

Cap Vert

Duo Concealers

My favorites from this collection must be the blush called Hung Hungry Heart and the raspberry coloured eyeshadow, Grenadines!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Makeup inspiration

So... I was looking at pictures I had saved on my computer, then I found these pretty makeup-looks and I wanted to share them with you guys!

Baby-pink lipstick with eyelined eyes and brown eyeshadow

It looks really cute, natural and pretty! Love the pink lips with her green eyes. This makeup-look is as good for daytime as night time.

To be honest, I'm really not sure if this is Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen. But I love the way she looks on this photo; the makeup, hair and the clothes looks so natural and pretty together.

Do you know about any good websites where I can get makeup-inspiration?

Tiffany & Co

Who could say "no thanks" for a present from Tiffany & co? I deffently couldn't!

If you haven't heard about Tiffany & co, I can tell you that I didn't hear about them eigther before I acctually got a necklace from my sister for my birthday some years ago! The necklace was packed in a cyan bag that looked really elegant. Inside the bag there was a small box with a white ribbon around it, and inside the box there was a cute little fabric clothed bag with the necklace inside. All of the packaging had TIFFANY & CO written on, very pretty!

The necklace I got from my sister some years ago

I have never been in a Tiffany & co store before, but the next time I go to London I will deffently go! I can't seem to find any pictures from inside, it's probelly not aloud to take photoes I guess - maybe incase anyone will try and copy the beautiful jewelry.

Tiffany & co, London

The prices are high, but I'm sure I can afford something! I have been googling around for pictures from their collections, and I fell in love with two lovely braclet with engraving.

Does anyone of you know the price of these braclets?

I think I like the one with the cirle better then the one with the heart, because the circle is more timeless then the heart. I however think the engraving looks better fitted on the braclet with the heart.

What do you think looks more timeless, and which one did you like the best? Have you seen something you like from Tiffany & co?

Yesterdays night out

My friend Alba and I <3

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Out of money? Cheap alternative for nailpolish

If your out of cash and trying to find some cheap alternatives for nailpolish, H&M has got pretty colours to choose from!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Makeup trend, Spring 2009 - Less is more


No more heavy coverage, be natural! Remember - less is more!

This spring the blush is not supposed to be showing off. But if you fell you look to pale without any colour in your face, you can add a natural hint of colour with pink or peachy blusher.


Violet and pink pale eyeliner is a natural and pretty look. For an illusion of bigger eyes you can wear white eyeliner on your waterline.

Bronze eyeshadow, looks beautiful on blue and green eyes I think!

Get inspiration from the Egyptians and draw your eyes with eyeliner.

I wish I had big and dark eyebrows, I think it looks so pretty!


The red lips were popular at the Fashion Week-09. You can wear the red lipstick however you want. To the left you can see the dramatical-look with glossyred lips, and on the right side you can see a more natural look.

The pink and pale lips are back again. I'm so happy, because I love this look! Now I maybe can find myself a perfect lipstick!

This spring is more about looking natural then glam and sparkle. Get yourself a light glossy lipgloss instead of one with glitter and shimmer.

Topshop - dresses

I must say I like these dresses! The fabric and design is so lovely and pretty. <3

I love these colours together, so I think the grey dress would look great with pink accsesories. For a more dramatic look you could wear black pumps and accsesories.
The pink dress would look relaxed with grey accsesories. For a luxuary-look you could wear with big silver hanging-earrings, diamant braclet and white or silver shoes.

Oh, I'm in love! I wish we had Topshop were I lived sometimes..

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pink and orange - fashion and interior colours for summer-09

Pink and orange pillows in sofa and on chairs.

This summer pink and orange is supposed to be the fashion colours, on clothes and interior! A real girly season! Pink and orange together will give you a real summer feeling.

If you don't like wearing bright colours, you can use the colours on your accssesories.

You don't need a big orange sofa of this seasons fashion, just add some orange and pink pillows and it will freshen up your livingroom on 1-2-3!

Nail tip for all you smokers out there!

Have you ever noticed to get yellow-coloured nail while smoking?

Whitening Lotion from Depend is a nailproduct thats takes away the yellow discoloration from your nails. After using this products sometimes, you can really see the difference!

Beautiful and elegant chest of drawers

I found this chest of drawers when I was googling for some interior furniture for one of my school projects. It looks so elegant and pretty! I have a really pretty crystal candlestick in my bedroom and I think it would look perfect on top of this chest of drawers!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What do you think about these nails?

Solange Knowles
with Great Britain nailcolour design.

I don't think I would have my nails designed like that to be honest! But it could look cool with shorts in jeans or in black with a white singlet!

T-shirts with band names

What do you think about t-shirts with band prints?

I have been wanting one for a while now, just because I find it cool having your favorite bands on your tshirt and also because I really like wearing t-shirts - even though I don't have so many of them.

If/or when I get one, I think it will be a print of Oasis, The Kooks or The Killers - as these are the bands I allways come back to, I never get bored of their music!

I think band t-shirts look cool with leather jackets and also colourful cardigans!

Do you have a band t-shirt? Which band do you have/or want?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ripped tights, cool or not?

What do you think about ripped tights? I don't really like the way Miley Cyrus is wearing rest of the clothes together with it, but I do acctually think it looks kind of cool underneeth shorts!

..And I must say, perfect trend for me, as I allways ripp up my tights without purpos!

My new beloved camera

I have just bought this loooovely camera! I'm so in love with it! I bought it last summer when I went to Golden Sands in Bulgaria with my friend, Veronica, and we were using it all the time at the beach. It's waterproof so it's perfect for the summer! I unfortantly lost it the last night out :-( All the great pictures we had been taking of people we met, parties at the discos, the beach ++. I have missed this camera so much, probelly because of all the memories I have with it. Even though it's not the same camera, it makes me feel happy! :-) So today I'm happy happy! Hehe.

My friend and I in Bulgaria 2008 <3

Anyway, I have started my healty lifestyle (once again). I feel very clever, I haven't had any choclate for two days now! For breakfast I have had porrage with grapes, for school launch I had a roll with banana, kiwi and a yoghurt!

Yesterday I was at the gym, but since I haven't been there for ages, I didn't really work out as hard. I'm going to the gym tonight with my friend from the picture, and this time I will work my ass off! ;-)

Stuff I want to order from H&M

This blue shirt is sooo pretty I think! I love the babyblue colour! <3

Pretty bohem braclets and earrings, I love these kind of accesories.

This blouse is really pretty! Specially with these wide trouses I think, but I don't think I would fitt these kind of jeans really.. And the jacket is nice for spring, in red or black maybe.

Have you found something nice from H&M Spring-09 Collection?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Going travelling with your big boxes of creams and shampoo's? No need for it anymore!

Don't you find it quite ennoying bringing your big bottles with shampoo, conditioner and creams in your bag when your only going away for maybe a weekend, or you maybe need space in your bag or you want to fill your suitcase with clothes instead of your normal beautiproducts?

You can find these smart boxes and bottles at H&M (and probelly other drugstores)! They will save you weight and space in your bag. Good for you who travells alot and don't have enough money to by travellsets of your beautiproducts :-)

Kerastase shampoo for dry hair

I want to reccomand you a hair shampoo I have been using for a while on my dry hair. I have almost used up my hole bottle of Kerastase Bain Satin 2, and I must say it makes my hair feel soft! It also makes the hair look shiny without weighing my hair down.

Kerastase Bain Satin is the winner of the 2007 Instyle Best Beauty Buy For Dry Hair! There are three different types;
  • Kerastase Bain Satin 1 - Normal to slightly dry hair
  • Kerastase Bain Satin 2 - Dry and sensetive hair
  • Kerastase Barin Satin 3 - Dry, damage and very chemical treatet hair

You might want to use it with Kerastase Lait Vital Proteine, which is the conditioner. I haven't tried it, so I can't tell if it's good or not. But it's supposed to give your normal to dry hair complete gluco-active nutrition. It also contains nourishing ingredients that will treat and enrich your hair without weighing it down.

Have you got any tips about any good hairproducts and styling products, please let me know!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fashion Spring Colours- 09

I was reading a blog I came over on the web and I found a list of the colours for this spring-09. I like these colours!

  • Fuchsia Red
  • Salmon Rose
  • Palace Blue
  • Lucite Green
  • Super Lemon
  • Dark Citron
  • Lavender
  • Vibrant Green
  • Slate Gray
  • Rose Dust

  • What do you think about them?

    Too Faced Makeup Palette - Confessions Of a Shopaholic

    This beautiful palette from Too Faced is inspired by the Confessions Of a Shopaholic that's soon comming on movies. The palette is perfect for travelling and going shopping were you may be needing to add some more beauty product. It has everything for eyes, lips & face.

    A palette that has daytime makeup & nighttime makeup in the same kit!

    The palett contains;
    2 concealers
    Face Powder
    3 eyeshadows
    Eyeliner Powder
    Eyebrow Powder
    Duo Bronzer Powder
    Blush Powder
    3 Lip Glosses

    Shopping for spring-09, H&M and Maybelline Colossal

    Yesterday I was in town for the first time for over two weeks! I have had the flue since new years eve, not a great start of 2009.. Anyway, for christmas I got a giftcard at the Shoppingcenter of my boss, so I though I have a look for some jeans. I went to H&M and found these lovely stuff, and I only paid half the price because of the giftcard!

    Light (?) purple top, cute with leggings or shorts!

    Really cute pink cardigan!

    Mascara from Maybelline, flower I can use in my hair or put on my handbag (I love flowers).

    I have been using Telescopic from L'oreal, it's really good for lengthning! But I find it a little hard applying it on with the brush, it takes time! And now my mascara was empty, so I thought I get Maybelline the Colossal - volum express. The brush looked good, and the box looked kindof cool too! I haven't really heard about it before, only seen some pictures on some peoples blogs.
    So is the Colossal mascara from Maybelline good?

    Saturday, January 17, 2009

    Questions about applying acryl/and gel nails at home, and the difference about them

    Acryl nails

    I want to go a step longer than Depend Nailpolishes, and try out acryl- or gel- nails.

    I have never tried acryl or gel on my nails before, but I find it very pretty! I think it's the gel that gives me the effect I'm wanting on my nails. I want my nail to look like glass. I'm not sure if you understand what I mean, it's hard to explain!

    Gel nails

    What's the differense bethween this two types?
    Have you ever tried applying acryl/or gel- nails at home before? Which one do you reccomand?

    Estée Lauder's new Spring 2009 collection, Fuschia

    Look how pretty the Estèe Lauder's new Spring 2009 collection is! The design of the eyeshadow and the rest of the collection makes it almost to pretty to use! I love the great colours, really romantic collection!

    How do I make my blog send me an email to tell me I have a new comment?

    I have tried changing in settings, but I never get an email about getting a new comment. So I allways have to go on my webpage and check it up, very frustrating! Can somebody please help me? :-)

    My nail routine

    Before I used to bite(!) my nail because they were always splitting in the ends and breaking off. Now I have been using nail products from Depend, which I find very helping on my nails - you should deffently try this nailstuff out!

    This is the products I have been using for my nail routine;
    Cuticle Remover
    Sesam Oil
    Nail Oil
    Nail Strenghtener

    These products have made my nail much stronger and they almost never break anymore! They are much harder and have grown into a nice shape with using my nailfile.