Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Benefit: High Beam

I want this highlighter so bad! The pink colour is super cute and would look so good on the checks and underneeth the eyebrows. I borrowed it once with my sister, and I though it looked really pretty on. It highlighted good, and gave a nice glow that would fit a natural look as good as a night time look.

Have you tried High Beam, what do you think about it?


emmajane1181 said...

I LOVE Highbeam. It's really preety. You should try Moonbeam too, it's great in the summer x

Laura said...

I lurve high beam, it's so gorgeous! BUY IT! Hehe x x x

heartofpearl♡ said...

ive never tried but i love benefit! i work diagonally opposite that counter! x

TML <3 said...

Emma Jane;
I'm sure I will buy this next time I'm in England, hehe. I love it to! I was acctually going to post a post about Moon Beam too, as I found it on benefit's website, and I though it looked pretty good, and wanted to tip you!

I think it would look great for summer too! =)

Heart of pearl;
Oh! Were do you work? =)

madison817 said...

i love high beam! been using it for years (i was gonna do a review on it on my blog soon) but basically, the only con i have on it is the packaging. but i've tried several highlighters, and this is the one i continually buy. its very natural and dewy :)