Friday, January 16, 2009

Cleansing makeup brushes - Find products at home, instead of buying expensive cleansers

Keep your face clean and healthy by washing your makeup brushes! It keeps your face from dirt and bacterias. There are many products you can use to clean your makeup brushes, and you can actually find them in your home!
  • Facial cleanser -it removes dirt and makeup from your face, so why shouldn't it remove the makeup from your brush?
  • Hair shampoo -most makeup bristles are made of natural bristles (pony, goat +) using hair shampoo works great on your makeup brushes. For removing oil that gathered from your cosmetics and skin, you might want to use shampoo for oily hair

1. You need a towel, shampoo (you can use facial wash also for extra cleansing) + your brushes that you want to cleans.
2. Wash the brush with water, make sure you don't let the water go inside the brush, that may damage it and make the hairs fallout after time..

(If you choose to not use facial cleans on your brushes, you can jump to step 7.)

3. Put facial cleans on your brush, I'm using my Clinique.
4.Rub the soap back and forward, so the cleans gets into the brush.
5. Wash the brush with water.
6. Squiz the water out of the brush. You will be able to see all the dirt come out of the brush! Yak.

7. Put shampoo on your brush, I'm using my Redken All Soft.
8. Wash the brush with water. (Make sure no water comes inside the brush, it will make the hairs fallout over time!)
9. Squiz the water out, this time it should be clean water comming out of the brush!

10. Rub the brush back and forward on the towel, this will excess the water inside the brush.
11. Lay the brush down on the towel and let it dry.

Tip; Wash your brushes at night, then the brushes have time to dry and they will be clean and dry the next morning for you to use!
  • Home made brush cleanser - Save your self from buying brush cleansers from the department store. By watching this video and you can learn how to make your own brush cleanser! A tip to save money!
You probelly knew some of these tips before, if not - I hope they helped you! I normally use my hairshampo with moisturizer, this makes them feel soft!


retrospeck_GLAMOURcheck! said...

when you spray it, it comes out very misty with one pump. so it doesn't leave your face soaking wet. =] it's best for mineral foundation and such.

TML <3 said...

Hmm, sounds good! I mind sometimes my mineral fondation disapers over the day, maybe this would work! Do you know how is it compared with Mineral Veil? =)

ANGE said...

ooh- good tip; washing/mixing with moisturiser to make the brushes soft! i never thought of that :)

TML <3 said...

It makes the brush feel really soft I think :-)

Laura said...

Ooo I really want to get that Body Shop Kabuki brush, is it good?

TML <3 said...

Yes, I love it! I use it for my ID Bare Mineral fondation, and I find it much better then ID's kabuki brush acctually! It's really soft :-) u should give it a try, I'm glad i did, hehe.