Monday, January 19, 2009

Going travelling with your big boxes of creams and shampoo's? No need for it anymore!

Don't you find it quite ennoying bringing your big bottles with shampoo, conditioner and creams in your bag when your only going away for maybe a weekend, or you maybe need space in your bag or you want to fill your suitcase with clothes instead of your normal beautiproducts?

You can find these smart boxes and bottles at H&M (and probelly other drugstores)! They will save you weight and space in your bag. Good for you who travells alot and don't have enough money to by travellsets of your beautiproducts :-)


Yas said...

Good find gorgeous! These are just perfect for travel!

Dunia said...

I'm trying to find this at the H&M website since I'm on vacation in Holland right now and am leaving in 5 days.. I would love to stop by H&M and find out if they have it here, but do u know whre I would catch it on the website? :( It's so confusing since I can't understand dutch. lol.

Dunia said...

Oh and btw, love ur blog! Your an inspiration! xx