Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hair inspiration; blondes

Today I'm going to the hairdresses! I'm going to colour my hair blonder, hope it turns out good. My hair is in bad condition, so I really hope it doesn't fall off!

Anyway, wanted to show you some people with nice blonde hair for your inspiration!

What do you think about blonde hair? Which hair did you like the best of the pictures?


Emma said...

The blonder the better!

I have mine platinum. Initially I had bleach all over and then a permanent toner so now I just need the regrowth done.

My hair is in better condition now than when I had highlights all over because the bleach only goes on the regrowth not through the full length each time.

You have to use colour corrective shampoo to keep it ashy white though and banish the dreaded brassiness!

mizzworthy said...

Love the top left picture - I'd love to go ash blonde but I don't think it would really suit me! xxz

Rebecca said...

i'm currently blonde and i really like it. lady gaga's hair is what i aspire to i guess... i would highly recommend boots provitamin blonde for toning down brassiness! i swear by it! post some pics when you've had it done :)

TML <3 said...

Thanks for your advise! I use my Loreal silver shampoo when my hair starts to get yellow. My hairdresser told me i could also try a minicolour, because my ends allways get yellow. She told me its because my hair is broken, and then the purple in the shampoo doesnt sit in my hair propelly, so it washes right out, and it gets faster yellow. (eh, i dont know if u understood anything off that! haha, im not a good explainer.)

Today i took a minicolour in regrown hair, i normally highlight it. But the colour didnt bleach so much, so im going back on monday to highlight it too, so i think it will be good ;-) but im absolutly thinking of taking the whole regrown bleached, then only highlighning the regrown :P

missworthy: i think you could acctually :-)

TML <3 said...

I wish we had a boots were i lived too, then i would tried it out deffently! I love lady gaga, and i can see your hair is a little bit inspirated :)

Im going back on monday, because the mini colour didnt take the holw regrown part, so im highlightning it also for free :-D

I will, if it turns out good, hehe!