Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I <3 Uggs

I have been in love with UGG's since the first time I saw them on the street. I started off buying some fake ones, I thought the real UGG's were allmost the same. Well, they look the same, only without the UGG label on the heel.

The heel of the fake ones got quick damaged, and I thought I would never buy real UGG's for a such high price, and the thought of the heel breaking so fast did not make me think it was worth it. (So I didn't buy any real UGG's before this autmn,as I found a website were they sold UGG's for half the price from the shop!)

The quality is absoloutly different!! The shoe is really warm, because of the sheepskin and doesn't make you feet feel cold even in snow! I have been using my boots allmost everyday, but now they just broke :-( So I think I will send an email to the company, were I bought my UGG's from, to let them know that this isn't good! And hopefully they will fix them or give me a new par (it's allowed to dream you know).

Even though my first pair off UGG's broke, I'm abosolutly going to buy a new pair again! I found some pairs on sale and I like all of them!

Which colour do you like the best?
If you know about a cheap website that sell UGG's, please please please let me now! <3


ForeverYoung said...

i love uggs cuz they are warm,but i hate when uggs get old they look nasty so i got nine west same as uggs but they dont have the brand name of uggs i have them for two years and god bless the! they look so much better then uggs now1 i also washed them!

TML <3 said...

I hate them to when their worn for sometime... They look so old :S

Are the shoes you bought called Nine West? I know about a shop called that u see :P
Maybe their are better, because uggs you cant wash! How much were they?

Dunia said...

Which website did you find yours from? xx