Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm keeping myself away from Ebay..

It's so easy to keep on bidding on nice stuff at Everything of makeup, hairproducts and clothes is so much cheaper there then in the normal shops, so how can't I bidd on something that's like half the price?

These last months I have spent maybe about 200 dollars at Ebay. For some of you this isn't alot, and some others it's alot. For me it's kind of alot, but all the products and clothes I have got for this price, is totally worth it!

Urban Decay eyeshadow prime potion

MAC Plushglass - Plus Luxe

MAC blush - Sweetness

MAC blush - Style

120 Colorpalette eyeshadow

Downunder you may have seen I found two beautiful faux fur jackets, and I won them - Hurray!

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