Friday, January 16, 2009

MAC Brunette Blond Redhead Collection

MAC has made a new collection that's design to play-up the most potent and powerful accessory a girl has: her hair. What a great ide, it's so basic that it's brilliant! In the collections you can find three dramatically different personalities, three perfectly personalized palettes. Eyes, cheeks, lips, formulated to be coiffure-complementary.

If your interested in some of the looks, your should check out this link for makeup ideas!
I personally like these two looks.

Cork, Clear, Pincurl, Phone Number, Top Knot, Knight, All Black
Dervish, B-Babe, Strawberry Blonde

Clear, Femme Fi, Pincurl, Knight, Top Knot, Phone Number, Zoomblack
Whirl, B-Babe, Peroxide

Have you bought anything from this collection? What do you think about the idea?


happy1234 said...

Those look great - collection sounds interesting - will have to have a look.

TML <3 said...

I wish they had MAC were I lived, I probelly would get some too! You should check it out.

GABRIELA said...

I can’t wait to see this collection. The eye shadows look great and the brushes. I think I will buy the brushes for sure, and some eyes things.

Anonymous said...

Nothing yet for me but would really like to pick up the 226 brush.

TML <3 said...

Is that the blending brush? I need a blending brush!