Friday, January 23, 2009

Makeup trend, Spring 2009 - Less is more


No more heavy coverage, be natural! Remember - less is more!

This spring the blush is not supposed to be showing off. But if you fell you look to pale without any colour in your face, you can add a natural hint of colour with pink or peachy blusher.


Violet and pink pale eyeliner is a natural and pretty look. For an illusion of bigger eyes you can wear white eyeliner on your waterline.

Bronze eyeshadow, looks beautiful on blue and green eyes I think!

Get inspiration from the Egyptians and draw your eyes with eyeliner.

I wish I had big and dark eyebrows, I think it looks so pretty!


The red lips were popular at the Fashion Week-09. You can wear the red lipstick however you want. To the left you can see the dramatical-look with glossyred lips, and on the right side you can see a more natural look.

The pink and pale lips are back again. I'm so happy, because I love this look! Now I maybe can find myself a perfect lipstick!

This spring is more about looking natural then glam and sparkle. Get yourself a light glossy lipgloss instead of one with glitter and shimmer.


mizzworthy said...

I'm torn about natural looks - I like it for day to day but sometimes you want some drama!!! Loved that red lip look xxx

ANGE said...

I love natural looks - especially in australia - it gets so hot, when you wear stacks of makeup, it is guaranteed to smear and look gross at the end of the day.

@ ur update display pic - you loookkk soooo gorgeous! u should do a post about your regular beauty routine :)

Neeyuh said...

Nice tips!! I need to find a natural look I'm comfy with, I always feel like I need more and it defeats the purpose! lol.

TML <3 said...

I understand what you mean! Anyway Im more natural then dramatic. But I think people who works the dramatic look - is real cool! I know, i love the red lipstick too!

That's true! I hate wearing lots of makeup when it's hot outside, i feel its melting down my face, specially with liquid fondations! haha. Anyway, your soooo lucky to live in australia, i didn't know! I really want to go there one time. Do you do surfing there? :-D and do you have kangurus? haha <3

Thanks :-D But hmm.. How should i show you my routine? haha.

I'm kind of the same, but im not so dramatic anyway. But i like heavy coverage, but now my boyfriend told me i look better with noooo makeup, (wtf? haha, i do not, i look sick and dead!) but i have acctually tried less fondation and blush, and i think it looks better acctually too :o haha, that sound stupid..

Anonymous said...

I love a natural and neutal look. I'm finally using nude lipsticks as I usually go for something that's closer to my own lip color. Hope you find that perfect one for you:) It's great excuse to go shopping for lipstick!

TML <3 said...

Thank you :-) I do to, maybe I check to day! As you said, a great excuse to go shopping for! But I really should save my money, but a lipstick can't be sooo expensive, right? hehe