Monday, January 26, 2009

Yesterdays night out

My friend Alba and I <3


J said...

Love the pic of you in glasses, looking good :) x

ANGE said...

you two girls look so pretty :)

PS. Yeh I do live in Australia - and there are kangaroos here, but they don't roam around in the street or anything! (I was born in New Zealand and I came over here when I was 11, and I thought that everyone talked like the crocodile hunter and there were kangaroo's and koalas everywhere) but thats only out in the country! hehehehe

you should visit sometime though - it's really a lovely country.

are you from america? :)

TML <3 said...

Thanks! :-D i look a little bit silly though, haha :p

Haha, or I didn't think the kangaroo's were running in the streets, but yeah, hehe. Their so sweet! I really want to go, but it's really expensive I think, but one day I must go!

I'm not from America, hehe. I'm from Norway, if you know were that is (probelly not) as its nothing to really know about! Its a cold country with mountains and fjords.. I'm more looking forward to moving to England again, as there is were I was born <3 but I want to see the rest of the world too, or thats my dream anyway :-)