Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My new beloved camera

I have just bought this loooovely camera! I'm so in love with it! I bought it last summer when I went to Golden Sands in Bulgaria with my friend, Veronica, and we were using it all the time at the beach. It's waterproof so it's perfect for the summer! I unfortantly lost it the last night out :-( All the great pictures we had been taking of people we met, parties at the discos, the beach ++. I have missed this camera so much, probelly because of all the memories I have with it. Even though it's not the same camera, it makes me feel happy! :-) So today I'm happy happy! Hehe.

My friend and I in Bulgaria 2008 <3

Anyway, I have started my healty lifestyle (once again). I feel very clever, I haven't had any choclate for two days now! For breakfast I have had porrage with grapes, for school launch I had a roll with banana, kiwi and a yoghurt!

Yesterday I was at the gym, but since I haven't been there for ages, I didn't really work out as hard. I'm going to the gym tonight with my friend from the picture, and this time I will work my ass off! ;-)

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