Monday, January 12, 2009

My party makeup

For this look I used:

MAC eyeshadow, Wedge
MAC eyeshadow,
MAC eyeshadow, Fig.1
Gosh eyeshadow, Gold

Everyday Mineral

ID. Bare Minerals - Fairly Light Fondation
MAC - Style blush

No7, nude lipstick


J said...

Wow, you have really pretty eyes x

TML <3 said...

Thanks! :)

Digital Angel said...

You have very pretty eyes. :) You do look like a fairy. I also like your banner !! I am not sure if that is Gemma ward.

Princess Katrina said...

Your eyelashes are so long and pretty! how did you get them like that?

TML <3 said...

Ooh thanks, your so sweet!

It's Gemma Ward :-) I made the the butterfly on the banner from the colours off the picture of her.

My lashes are a littlebit long naturally, hehe. But I used L'Oreal Clean Definition Telescopic Clean Definition & Lengthening Mascara and that makes them long I think :)

This one;