Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pink and orange - fashion and interior colours for summer-09

Pink and orange pillows in sofa and on chairs.

This summer pink and orange is supposed to be the fashion colours, on clothes and interior! A real girly season! Pink and orange together will give you a real summer feeling.

If you don't like wearing bright colours, you can use the colours on your accssesories.

You don't need a big orange sofa of this seasons fashion, just add some orange and pink pillows and it will freshen up your livingroom on 1-2-3!


Digital Angel said...

I don't have special color in my room, it's just white lol.
Who doesn't like Pink anyway !! :P I am sure if I ever want my room as bright pink or orange, I will probably would get tired of it easily even I like these colors.
Oh about my blog background music, well mine is Digital Love, I think you are talking about Harder Better Faster Stronger song :) That's the song some people put words on their bodies and just dance or whatever hehe

retrospeck_GLAMOURcheck! said...

i love thoses colors together! =]