Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shopping for spring-09, H&M and Maybelline Colossal

Yesterday I was in town for the first time for over two weeks! I have had the flue since new years eve, not a great start of 2009.. Anyway, for christmas I got a giftcard at the Shoppingcenter of my boss, so I though I have a look for some jeans. I went to H&M and found these lovely stuff, and I only paid half the price because of the giftcard!

Light (?) purple top, cute with leggings or shorts!

Really cute pink cardigan!

Mascara from Maybelline, flower I can use in my hair or put on my handbag (I love flowers).

I have been using Telescopic from L'oreal, it's really good for lengthning! But I find it a little hard applying it on with the brush, it takes time! And now my mascara was empty, so I thought I get Maybelline the Colossal - volum express. The brush looked good, and the box looked kindof cool too! I haven't really heard about it before, only seen some pictures on some peoples blogs.
So is the Colossal mascara from Maybelline good?


oxmalignkissesxo said...

Hey hun, colossal lash is pretty good. Everyone raves about cover girl, I'm allergic to the formulation, so I figured I would try maybellines obvious imitation. LOVES it, my friend has it too. its definately lengthening and volumizing. I think you would like it. AS to answer your question on my blog, no i didn't design it myself. I use to design layouts but I got a little weak in the html. lolol. I like your layout, its pretty cool. ^.^

TML <3 said...

Oh, thanks, kind of you =) I wish i new how to do html, but i dont. I went media before, but i never understood it, I was more in love with photografing, illustration, photoshop and so on.. I want butterflies and flowers on my background, but have nooo idea how too! haha.

Is cover girl almost the same product? We dont have covergirl were I live.. so not really heard about it before! Anyway, if it is, then its good your not allergic to Maybellines product :) Maybe I will try obvious imitation, never heard about that one eighter, I will check up pictures on google in 1 sec ;-)

Av said...

Hi there, I love that puple top from h&m its gorgeous and purple is my favourite colour!! Love the jeans too!!

Alexis said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I saw a very similar flower clip at Target yesterday and I wanted to buy it but I ended up not buying I regret it...LOL :-)

Talking about the Fluidline, you should def. give it a try! It turned out to be better than I actually expected

TML <3 said...

I find it hard finding trouses, and now im one size bigger! baah... hehe. Purple is acctually one of my favorite colours too! :-D

I think I will buy at the taxfree when I go to Germany in february! Can't wait! What brush do u think I should get with it?

Princess Katrina said...

OOOH! I love everything that you bought!!! I love H&M!

About the mascara...I personally dont use it but my best friend does and she raves about it ALL THE TIME! She has pretty nice eyelashes too!

Thanks for coming by my blog! I really like yours!!

TML <3 said...

Oh, thanks! :-D
I hope it's good, I will try it on later when I'm going out to watch a danceshow, hehe!

I love H&M too, it's got so much good stuff and the price isn't so bad eighter!

Following the Fashion. said...

cute stuff! I love H&M they always have good stuff and its not too pricey x

Digital Angel said...

You look great in skinny jeans :) gotta love skinny jeans !!! From my experience I didn't like Colossal mascara at all honestly. Since I have straight asian lashes it didn't even hold my curl for like 10 minutes lol But if you have curled eyelashes it will work out good for you.
By the way, I like that picture you put in side bar that you are wearing hat :D

Oh about the song, it's from Daft Punk. " Digital Love " :)

TML <3 said...

I love H&M too! <3

I'm not sure if I like it eighter.. I kind of have curled lashes, but would like them even more curled, and it didn't really curl my lashes! It looks like I have more lashes though, but I had to put on two coats to get volum! That's no good.. The lengthning was okay - but not the best mascara I have tried I don't think. But maybe I just have to get used to it first :P

Ah, i like that song, i think i have seen a music video off it with two girls that had written the words in the song on their arms and fingers, haha :P