Monday, January 26, 2009

Tiffany & Co

Who could say "no thanks" for a present from Tiffany & co? I deffently couldn't!

If you haven't heard about Tiffany & co, I can tell you that I didn't hear about them eigther before I acctually got a necklace from my sister for my birthday some years ago! The necklace was packed in a cyan bag that looked really elegant. Inside the bag there was a small box with a white ribbon around it, and inside the box there was a cute little fabric clothed bag with the necklace inside. All of the packaging had TIFFANY & CO written on, very pretty!

The necklace I got from my sister some years ago

I have never been in a Tiffany & co store before, but the next time I go to London I will deffently go! I can't seem to find any pictures from inside, it's probelly not aloud to take photoes I guess - maybe incase anyone will try and copy the beautiful jewelry.

Tiffany & co, London

The prices are high, but I'm sure I can afford something! I have been googling around for pictures from their collections, and I fell in love with two lovely braclet with engraving.

Does anyone of you know the price of these braclets?

I think I like the one with the cirle better then the one with the heart, because the circle is more timeless then the heart. I however think the engraving looks better fitted on the braclet with the heart.

What do you think looks more timeless, and which one did you like the best? Have you seen something you like from Tiffany & co?


Following the Fashion. said...

I love Tiffany & Co!

There was a thing in a magazine with dimond rings from there - they were beautiful!

I prefer the circle, the hearts a little cheap looking in my opinion. The circle seems more sophisticated & grown up.


TML <3 said...

Uuuh! I would love to have a diamond ring from Tiffany & co ;-) The price must been skyhigh!

I think the same! I tried checking up the prices on, but couldn't seem to find the one with the circle on the United Kingdom website. The one with the heart was priced at 150 pounds.


ANGE said...

I LOVE T & CO!!! :)

that bracelet (circular) was $350-400 i think, but that is here in australia -

Following the Fashion. said...


If I got one of those as an engagement ring I'd love the man forever lol.

It'll probably be the same or like £10 more or something like that.

This has made me want to watch Breakfast as Tiffanys now lol


TML <3 said...

The price seems fair, as the heart was 150 pounds. It's not to bad priced, but it's still expensive! But I think I would weared it a lot, as it looks so timeless <3

Following the fashion;
Haha, yes ;-) We can start haning outside T & co, and maybe someone will give it too us ;-)

I have acctually not seen that movie! is it good? What's it about?

ANGE said...

YOU WOULD LOOK GORGEOUS AS MARILYN MONROE!! I love her sooo much - you must promise me to post up the pics when they're done!! :)

Norway sounds really really interesting - a nice change from the hot stinking weather over here. i would like to visit there one day .. in the futureeee.

also; thanks for the T & CO post. i might go get my boyfriend some cufflinks for our anniversary!! I hope they're not too too expensive :(

Following the Fashion. said...

Haha yeh - they might feel sorry for us.

Aw its amazing! Audrey Hepburns a escort type of person & she meets a guy whos the same. Shes a bit lost & she falls in love. She goes to Tiffany's to make herself feel less lost I guess.

Thats a really rubbish plot summary but it is a good film.