Friday, January 30, 2009

Blush; Tips and how to do

People wearing blush look more healthy with some colour in their face. Without blush you may look ill, because there is no colour in your faceskin.
So, what kind of blush should you use? How do you find your perfect blush colour?

One of the ways to apply the blush

Normally you apply the blush on your cheekbons, but you can also apply it gently with a brush on your forehead and nose to add some more colour to your face.

There are many different types of blushes;


The correct colour of blush, is the cheeks color. You can also select the blush colour according to the lip and eye colour. One can use blush in different colours like warm hues, peaches and beiges, and one can use blush in pinks and red colours.
However, I think everyone can use all the colours - you just have to find the right tone of colour.

There are so many colours in different tones out there! You can choose between pink, peach, beige and reds.

Powder blush is perfect for oily and greasy skin, as it doesn't make the skin shine so much as the liquid blusher. For dry skin you can use cream blusher, this is more moisturized and doesn't dry the skin out more.

Not only a blush
Do you love the colour of your blush and want the same colour as a lipstick too, but can't find it?

Well, you can actually make your own lipstick with your blusher! All you need to do is mix your blush with your lipgloss, lipbalm or Vaselin.


Anonymous said...

Hello! Thank u for swinging by my blog & commenting on my pic! =))

I LOVEEEE blush. it's a daily must-have for me to feel sexy. lol!

ForeverYoung said...

hey iam returning your q!
my boots are nine west from their nine west store! i love them, i know you cant wash uggs that why i didnt want to spend money and buy them cuz weather in NYC is nasty and they will get ugly the first time i wear them!

and this post! it's cool cuz i did use to put up blush wrong way!
great post for people who dont know how to

TML <3 said...

How much were the Nine West boots? Are they sheepskin? They sound interesting, hehe!

Thanks! I did too! I took it over my hole cheek, so I was all pink, haha ;-P

Anonymous said...

Good point that you can wear any color as long as it's the right shade. I love to layer stains with powder on top which keeps my blusher in place all day. Great post!