Saturday, February 21, 2009

Brushes: Which is your favorite blending brush?

I´m in Germany and want to find a good blending brush. I have asked you before, but ask you again;

Which is your favorite blending brush for eyeshadow?

When I first buy a blending brush, I want it to be one of the best! I've noticed there are alot of Youtube-makeup lovers who use brushes from MAC, but if you know about a great brush from example The Body Shop, Chanel og Gosh, please let me know - I be very greatful!


Anonymous said...

Hey there, I love your new print background on your title header. So pretty!

I like MACs 224 but I think since I don't have a lot of lid space that the their new 226 would be better.

Something budget friendly is Ecotools but I have no idea if these are available in Germany?

I hope you find something that works well for you!

Julienne said...

My favourite blending brush is the Sonia Kashuk one with the squiggly handle vs their other line with white ones. It's available at Target. :]

TML <3 said...

Thanks! Its from the 100%design website, or something like that :P its acctually a rug for the floor! I found it when i was searching for interior designs for my school work :P

Oh, i have no idea whats in germany acctually! But i could ask in a store!

Is Target a shop? hehe. I´m dont live in england or america so I have hard to find stuff that i like from england ++ :(

Julienne said...

Aww I don't think they have Targets in Germany now that I think of it.. :(

Mac 224 is good for blending, but when I got mine I think I had a bad batch and it felt scratchy. :( Stila #9 brush is a great blending brush too. Its bristles a tad bit longer than the 224; but I wish it was a bit softer imo. =)

Anonymous said...

I find that a great set of brushes makes a world of difference in makeup application.

I use this set:

They are so soft and there is literally a brush for everything. I also like how the pouch keeps everything clean and organized.