Sunday, February 8, 2009

Everyone can be a photo model

You think it's wrong? It's acctually not! With makeup put on by makeup-artist, hairstyling by hairdressers and Photoshop, everyone could be a photo model!

To make you believe me, watch this movie!

I'm happy that Dove has made this advertise. This makes us normal people understand that nobody is perfect, or I mean - everyone is perfect in their own kind of way!

What do you think about models on advertises? Do you really think they are so perfect as they seem to be?

Most of them are normal looking, like me and you - but of course, some are acctually good looking even though they have been photoshopped to thousend..


mizzworthy said...

That's such a great advert - it doesn't even look like the original girl in the end! Really shows the power of phot editing xxx

Julienne said...

I remember when this came out a long time ago! I love it. It reminds me how EVERYthing you see printed/onscreen can be totally fake. It's horrible how some girls actually think that what they see in the magazine is true to form. :<

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

Awesome video! More girls need to see it!