Monday, February 16, 2009

FASHION; Marc Jacobs handbags Spring/Summer Collection-09

Marc Jacobs have designed lots of nice bags this season! But I must say, some of them are just not my style!

These are the handbags I liked the most. I love the peachy-pink coloured handbag, really pretty wearing at day- and nighttime.

I'm not sure about the prices for Marc Jacobs products, but I think some of the stuff isn't so expensive. Or at least, I hope so..

What do you think about the Marc Jacobs handbag collection? Just about how much is a hangbag?


Av said...

Love love love Marc Jacobs bags - not sure of price unfortunately I don't own one!!! One day!!!

TML <3 said...

Hehe, they look great! Let's hope the price isn't to bad for my visa card!

ingunn said...

siste sorte var nydelig

Nicole said...

These look gorgeous! I did not really make my signature cupcake picture, I just edited some images with Paint Shop Pro. But thank you for your comment :)

Blogger said...

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