Monday, February 2, 2009

Hairstyle; Whitney Port and how to make your own hair-ribbon

I must say I like this girl's hairstyles! It's trendy, sophisticated, natural and pretty. These hairstyles are acctually really similar to my own hairstyle.

1.The first picture is really easy to make! All you need is to straighten your hair with a hairstraightner, pull your fringe backwards with some mouseè in your hand and pull your fingers trew your hair with some serum. ( I normally use Bed Head - Girl Toy or Biosilk)

2. On the second picture she has separted her hair on the middle of the head and curled all of her hair. To make your fringe look like Whitney's, you take a small piece of hair and twist it around and bobbypin it backwards! Spray a shinespray over all the hair, this will make your hair shine like a diamond! ( I use Bedhead - Shinehead) Then hairspray your curls with a hairspray that makes your curls last longer then 5 minutes. I highly reccomand you one from Lorèal!

There is probelly more different ways on how you can make these hairstyles, I just tell you how I do mine. Hope I helped you!

I think closer to the summer, I will try out the hairstyle were she is wearing flowers all around her curly hair. Maybe not so dramatic as her, but maybe a ribbon with some flowers or butterflies.

How to make your own hair ribbon
If you want to make your own headband, you can just buy a silk-ribbon and some small plastic flowers and glue them on. Then tie the ribbon behind your neck, or maybe even tie it infront of your head. I think that would look really cute and nobody will have same!

What are your favorite hairstyles for this spring?

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