Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I need music tips

I wonder if anyone of you guys could tip me about some music to download?

I love almost everything! Specially rap, hip-hop, pop and rnb. Love to hear some tips!

And from me to you, a picture of two sexy guys! oooh ;-)


ANGE said...

i love rnb/hip hop - here are the latest songs ive gotten:

justin nozuka: after tonight
akon: right now na na na
amy winehouse: fuck me pumps
dontae peeps: vain
trey songz: last time
mario: i choose you
joe: E.R (emergency room)
mariah carey feat TI: ill be loving you long tim
Tpain feat chris brown: freeze
shontelle: t-shirt

let me know if you like them love :)

Renate Iselin said...

Hehe, så fin bloggen din er nå :D
Skal jeg linke denne istedenfor? :P Hehe

J said...

My favourites at the mo:

Neyo and Newkids on the block -single stonebridge remix

I love ed westwick :P x

TML <3 said...

Thanks for all the tips! My music downloader did of course not work when i wanted to download music to the trip :( so i had to listen to my old music :P but i will try and download them when i am back, have heard some of your songs before, and like them so :-)

Takk, din ogsaa :D Det kan du forsävidt gjöre ja, skal pröve ä ikke skifte heiletia blogg :P


I just listened to the neyo and newki.. it was good, made me want to dance ;-) thanks for the tip! going to listen to the church in a sec, hehe.

Lucinda said...

You could try listening to rock / some foliksh music. I am only 15 and people think I'm a loser for liking bob dylan and bruce springsteen and eric clapton and rod stuart but they are soooo cool please listen