Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tips; Vaseline can be used for so many different ways

Vaseline is known as a cheap alternativ for lipgloss. However, Vaseline can be used in many different ways! I have 5 tips for you,
some I haven't tried yet, and some I have tried and experiensed working for me.

1. Longer, thicker and shinier eyelashes!

Once for a while ago, I got a tip from my friend. She told me to use Vaseline on my eyelashes when I went to bed, this would make my lashes longer and thicker - and it works, or at least they feel better! I don't normally do this everyday, but when my eyelashes feel dry and look ugly, Vaseline makes them more shinier and thicker!
.. But remember, Vaseline is very sticky - so i recommand you to only use it at night before you have your beauty sleep.

2. Eyegloss

Apply a very small amount of Vaseline on your eyelids. It can also be used as a highlight for a glossy look.

3. Helps against shoes making blisters

I have also heard someone say that Vaseline can help against shoes hurting your feet! I have never tried this before, but will deffently give it a try the next time I'm going out in my high heels.
Put some
(not to much, as it's very sticky) Vaseline on your feet where your shoes rub. It protects your feet from rubbing against the shoe and provides blisters!

4. Moisturizing for your face + body

If you have problems with very dry skin, you can apply some Vaseline on the dry places in your face or body, leaving your skin beautiful and dewy complexion. This is a good alternative, but it may make your faceskin look oily!

5. Protects your skin when you dye your hair

Put a thin layer with Vaseline on your forhead, side of neck and etc.. This provides your skin from get stained. This is a great tip that really works, I used to do this a lot when I dyed my hair at home.

Do you know any other ways Vaseline can be used?


Jerah197 said...

gr8 tips!!

Jaimie said...

seriously, its good for lots of stuff!

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i use vaseline for everything. even wounds to create a barrier against moisture (paper cuts mostly)

love the blog. add me to your followers list pretty please!

LaQT said...

Great tips! Thanks for sharing. I love the idea of adding a dab to eyelids. I don't wear alot of makeup so this is a great idea for me. You can also use it to remove eye makeup.

You can use it for hands and feet, to create a smooth, silky feel. You apply enough to lighlty coat feet them wrap in saran wrap/plastic wrap, cover with socks or gloves and sleep. Wake up silky!