Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Which tattoo should I choose?

Tomorrow I´m getting a tattoo on my foot, made in Germany...if I´m not to scared! The only other thing is - I´m not sure which one of these writings I want!

The first one is from Dafont, while the other one is also from Dafont - but I have changed it a little bit to make it more the way I like it.

Which one do you think lookes the prettiest? :)


J said...

I like both, but I think the top one is prettier x

courtney said...

the first :)

Anonymous said...

the first one is real cute.

ANGE said...

i really really like the second one - its a little more ... CLEAN looking as the letters don't inter-cross over each other as much.

good luck for the tattoo - by the time i have typed this, you will have already gone through it LOL

it doesnt hurt as much as you thin it will :)


you have started me thinking about when to get my second tattoo. LOL .. i am so indecisive on what to get.. what made you decide to get viva la vida??

macosophy said...

the first one looks more like a tattoo, if that makes any sense :)

Jerah197 said...

i like more the first one as well ... so which one did you choose?? Thanks for your lovely comments :)

Makeup by ReRe said...

The first one is the prettiest! By the way, I will ship overseas, but of course shipping charges would be more =) I will let you know as soon as the shopping cart is up and the M.A.C. pressed pigments and lip palettes will be up for sale. Do you already know what you want to order?

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heartofpearl♡ said...

hey! sorry it took this long to reply but i wrk in the cosmetic section in myer :) i love the first one better! x