Monday, February 2, 2009

YSL; Rouge Personnel - #15 Red Sin lipstick

I have been trying to find a red lipstick for partytimes, and I found this gorgeous lipstick from YSL.

This lipstick looks so great, I love the black & red-design. The colour of the lipstick is called #15 Red Sin and is from the collection Rouge Personnel.

It's a moisturizing lipstick, which is good - as dry redlips wouldn't look so pretty. It also protects the lips from damaging effect of free radicals!

I think I will check it more out at the taxfree, when I go to Germany in my winterholiday. Just so I can check if the colour fits my skin and then maybe buy it or order it!

If you also liked it, you can order it on sale from Strawberrynet :-)

What's your favorite redlipstick?

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