Saturday, March 28, 2009

20% off everything at Cherry Culture - NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils

I just got a mail telling me that everything at Cherry Culture is for 20% off!

To get 20% off, type the code: MMM20

Maybe I will order some NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils! I think I want one in the colour Black Bean and Pots and Pans, these would probelly make a nice smokey eye! Don't you think? And maybe White Milk as a highlighter or at the inner corner of the eyes!

Once I saw this girl on youtube wearing French Fries, and the colour looked really nice on her! Maybe I should get this one too?

But the colour of Slate looks really good too!

Have you ever tried NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils from Cherry Culture?
What is your favorite pencil colour?

How is the pigmentation? Does it stay on good?
(with and without wearing an eyeshadowbase)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sunglasses + happy birthday to me!

My friend Veronica and I, trying on stuff from the shoppingcenter!

I have a big problem when it comes to finding sunglasses. I'm very picky on details, they are eighter to big/small, round/squared, colourful and etc.. I wish I had a face that could wear all the different shapes!

Have you got problems with finding sunglasses fitting your faceshape?
What sunglasses do you have?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I have been dreaming about this dress for a while..

This BEAUTIFUL dress, is so pretty! The dress is from Meghan Fabulous, and is called The Ryan Dress. The colours, the pattern, the design.... perfect! As you probelly have noticed by now, I absolutly love butterflies. (When I paint something, I almost everytime paint butterflies)

The price is unfortantly to high for me, but if you somehow have 1350 dollars to much in your bank account- you could allways make one of my dreams come true for my birthday on friday ;-)

You can buy the dress here

Have you got a dress you have been dreaming about?

And yes, I'm 19 years old on Friday, 27 march!

My school project in colour contrast - interior design

Every thursday at my school, we have a subject called project in interior.. We have to make our own tasks. This time I wanted to make a task where I learned a littlebit more about colours and contrasts.

I have sticked together pictures from google + using Photoshop to change the colours/shape ++.

It's not the best, but here is my resulte:

Light/dark coloured contrast

Using black

Using white

Complementary contrast

Purple + Yellow contrast

Blue + Orange contrast

Green + red contrast

Warm/Cold contrast

Cold colours

Warm colours

Warm / cold contrast (Ignore the norwegian writing on the picture)

What do you think?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Who are you?

I have noticed that my readers are from many different countries - and I love it!

I'm interested to knowing more about you and where you come from! I love travelling - so please tell me something about your country and what's special about it! Maybe one day I will visit the place ;-)

Anyway, I can see there are some German readers here too - supert! It be really fun if I got some contact with you, as I am planning to move there this summer/autumn -I can't wait!


What's your name? Where are you from?
What do you like to read about on my blog?
Are you missing something?
How often do you read this blog?

Please tell me, I will do my best to make you satisfied!

If you have any questions - ask me about whatever!

3 easy hair styles for spring/summer-09

I am sure a lot of you are wondering what hairstyles are popular this spring/summer? I am too! So I have been searching around for some inspiration pictures, just to get an ide of what's coming up!

My hair is damadged from trying to become a blond, so now I really should need a new haircut! Today I am thinking of going to the hairdresses to colour my grownout hair.. It's not looking really nice at the moment!

So, here is your hair inspiration! I hope one or two of the hairstyles will give you an inspiration for your own hair!

Floral hair decoration

Straight, curled, short or long - floral decoration on your hair is beautiful. It will bring you hair, face and clothes to life!

You can buy cheap hairclips with exotic flowers and colours at for example, H&M.

Super straight hair

You will need a hair straightner and a good heat protector for your hair! There are a lot of great products to choose between, ask your hairdresser or someone at the Drugstore for recommandation!

For leaving all you flyaways away + adding shine, I would say you should deffently try Biosilk!
Rub your hands together with a very small amount, and go trew your hair with it. This will keep flyaways away and make your hair smooth and silky straight!

Do not put serum in your roots, this will make it look greasy and that's not really the style you are going for.. I'm sorry to say, but to much of the good stuff will do the same. (But again, you will have your bottle for ages!!)

The center hair parts with body and bounce

Perfect for the natural look, bohem, school, beach +

This is the new straighten hair look, it's really simple to do! Section your hair at the middle and hair strengthen it. After straightening it, focus on creating some movement from the mid-lengst to the end with the straightner.

To see how you can do it yourself, watch the video here

The half-up & Half-down

The perfect mix between wearing your hair back from your face but still wearing it “out.”

This hairstyle is popular because it shows off your neck - without necessarily showing off your ears.

This hairstyle is perfect for the hippie dresses!

Which hairstyle is your favorite? What styles are you going for this season?
I would love to see a picture of your hairstyles, for more inspiration!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Girls night out

I had a great night out with some of my friends! Lots of laughing and fun <3

A drink tip;
Try Absolute Vodka Vanilla + Tab X-tra/ or Coca-Cola.

This drink is so good! If you like cola vanilla, you will deffently like this as a party drink ;-)

What have you been up to this weekend?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rocked up/glamourios dress from Topshop

Shoes from Gojane, Earrings & Braclet from Tiffany&Co, Dress from TOPSHOP

What a lovely dress, I'm in love with it! Beautiful colour, fitting and details with a ribbon in the neck and a image of a slimmer waist. This is of course one of the other dresses I love from Topshop!

This dress could be worn to so many different ways! Glam, rocked up, bohemian. +

Should I keep on posting outfits?

Outfits from Topshop's webpage

Everytime I am in England, I normally go to Topshop to have a look at their clothes. Unfortantly, today I am sitting at school and I am not in England.. So I think it's great that Topshop has a website for us who are just looking! I recomman you to have a look, press here.

They have lots of cool shoes and accessories! These are two of the dresses I liked, I will post the other ones later on.

Tamsin M.L.

My Chanel necklace

I LOVE the chanel necklace I got from my sister last christmas!

Do you have any jewelry you really, really love?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Get an organized wardrobe!

Orginization is the best way to get a tidy wardrobe. There are a lot of great ideas for making a organized wardrobe, Ikea has one of them!

This is a great organized wardrobe from Ikea. You can buy the wardrobe in pieces, so you get the perfect storage for your clothes, shoes and accessories.

There are a lot of different ways you can get your wardrobe organised. You don't have to buy a new wardrobe(!). I hope some of this tips will help you on the way!

A great ide for putting your accessories;
belts, scarfs, braclets, hairbands or maybe socks and singlets!

You can easly find a simple wardrobe, that's only a hanger. The only one I can think of that's international, is from Ikea. With this kind of hanger you can hang all your pretty dresses, skirts, jackets and shirts on. It is also great for hanging your jeans and belts on!

A great idea to put all your small thing in! You can do like me - put your underwear and all small accessories in them.
Instead of having all your shoes haning around in the house, you can save the shoebox when you buy yourself a new pair of shoes.. Rapp nice giftpaper around the shoebox, and take a picture of the shoes and glue it the front. This way you will have all your shoes organised!

Inspiration picked up from Google..

Make your own personal hanger! Buy wood-hangers and paint them in which colour you like. Glue on stickers, glitter or diamonds for a more elegant look. Tie a silk ribbon around the hanger and volĂ  - you have your own homemade hanger!

Later, I will tell you how you can get your earrings organised! It's creative, can be used as a picture on the wall (I won't tell you more yet!).

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a nice day!

Beautiful tunica/top from H&M - Wear it for day/night + parties

I have fell in love with this beautiful tunica/top from H&M. It has such nice colours! I think you could wear it to almost everything! It's perfect for spring/summer, because you can dress it up to so many different styles. With a warm cardigans for chilly weather, or a shorts for summer and parties!

What would you wear with this tunica?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hair permanent - curls

Sometimes, curly hair can be really beautiful. For an expample, this girl on the picture!

I have friend that has naturally curly hair, but she allways straightens it - I'm trying to make her show off her nice curls!

I have hear that taking a curl-permanent (or whatever kind of permanent), damadges your hair alot. I would like to have big curls, so my hair gets more volum! But if it damadges alot, I surly should keep myself away from trying! (My hair has never been so bad, as it's now!)

Have you ever tried a permanent? Did it damadge your hair alot? How long did it last?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Get Serena's hairstyle from Gossip Girl

I love watching Gossip Girl! I recommand everyone to watch it, if your interested in fashion and hair - you can catch up with lots of inspiration! Watch all the episodes of Gossip Girl, here.

I have a love from Serena's hair, so I though I do a post to show you how you can get this hairlook too! If you know any other ways, please let me know!

New blogg design

I finally got my ass up from the sofa & tried to smack together a blogg design. I wanted a more fresh and clean design, however - I think I will try and put some more colours to it, to make it even more fresh with lots of light colours!

If you have any ideas, please let me know! I try to make the design like you want it, as you are my readers =)

What do you think about the new design? Do you like the old one better?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bikini/swimsuits from Victoria Secret

I'm thinking of ordering a bikini from Victoria's Sectret! They have so nice stuff there, it's amazing - specially the bikinis and swimsuits. I love their designs, it's not like buying one from H&M and seeing someone wearing the same as you at the beach!

Do you know about other websites, that sell special & pretty bikinis/swimsuits?

I really want to get a swimsuit sometime. They can look really nice and sexy, but have their negative sights too - You can't really tan in it, without getting the horrible white-vs.-brown skin lines. However, I think it looks more flattering on a skinny tummy, then it would on mine! So I guess that's why I have never got one.

What do you think about swimsuits? Do you know any tricks to hide your tummy from looking like pregnant?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Pretty and short hair for summer

This girl has a really pretty face and a nice haircut!

What do you think about this hairstyle?

I think it would look really pretty for summer! If I will have short hair again, I think I will try something similar to this style!

If you have long hair;
Are you scared of cutting your long hair short? I am!

To you with short hair;
Do you miss having long hair?

Monday, March 9, 2009

MAC eyeshadow for green eyes

At the airport in Oslo, on my way to Germany, I had to stop and take a look at the MAC products in the taxfree! I talked to this nice makeup artist, that helped me find the products I was searching for.

I have eyes that look like a mix between green-blue and gray, so I never really know what colour I should choose. (However, I have found out that brown and gold are good matches!)

I wanted an eyeshadow for daily basis, but also for parties. She gave me some recomandations, but said Vex was the one she would have gone for.

(Later update with picture using Vex as day/party-makeup)

Vex is an eyeshadow-colour in beige that is great for green eyes, because it has pink and green pearls that makes your eyes even more outstanding! Wearing Vex under other eyeshadows can look really good, because it has this special frosty-shimmer to it.

Sadly, the Vex is only a limited edition! So if you really like this colour, I recommand you to get two or more of it ;-)

What colours do you think look good for green eyes?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Update from Germany trip

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't replied you comments, but I have been busy the last days.

On sunday I came home from my stay in Germany, I had a lovely time there! It's sad being home again, I want to go back right away!

I have bought some makeup and cosmetics from MAC and The Body Shop, that I will try and write about it later. I have to pack my bags out first!
helped me find lots coconut-creams, as Matthias and Oliver knows I love the smell of it! I also got the mascara from Helena Rubenstein with the leopard patter!

Some of the stuff I got from MAC:
Eyeshadows, fluidline in Blacktrack, brush cleanser + a brush

The Body Shop products:
Eyeshadow, blending brush, hair cure, hair serum, showergel + lipgloss

As I love Germany so much, I'm thinking of going there as an Au Pair after my summerholiday!! If you know someone who seeks for an Ai Pair around Stuttgart/Boeblingen/Sindelfingen, please let me know! I have already heard from three familys who are interested, so I think this will be a great experience!

What have you been upto lately?