Tuesday, March 24, 2009

3 easy hair styles for spring/summer-09

I am sure a lot of you are wondering what hairstyles are popular this spring/summer? I am too! So I have been searching around for some inspiration pictures, just to get an ide of what's coming up!

My hair is damadged from trying to become a blond, so now I really should need a new haircut! Today I am thinking of going to the hairdresses to colour my grownout hair.. It's not looking really nice at the moment!

So, here is your hair inspiration! I hope one or two of the hairstyles will give you an inspiration for your own hair!

Floral hair decoration

Straight, curled, short or long - floral decoration on your hair is beautiful. It will bring you hair, face and clothes to life!

You can buy cheap hairclips with exotic flowers and colours at for example, H&M.

Super straight hair

You will need a hair straightner and a good heat protector for your hair! There are a lot of great products to choose between, ask your hairdresser or someone at the Drugstore for recommandation!

For leaving all you flyaways away + adding shine, I would say you should deffently try Biosilk!
Rub your hands together with a very small amount, and go trew your hair with it. This will keep flyaways away and make your hair smooth and silky straight!

Do not put serum in your roots, this will make it look greasy and that's not really the style you are going for.. I'm sorry to say, but to much of the good stuff will do the same. (But again, you will have your bottle for ages!!)

The center hair parts with body and bounce

Perfect for the natural look, bohem, school, beach +

This is the new straighten hair look, it's really simple to do! Section your hair at the middle and hair strengthen it. After straightening it, focus on creating some movement from the mid-lengst to the end with the straightner.

To see how you can do it yourself, watch the video here

The half-up & Half-down

The perfect mix between wearing your hair back from your face but still wearing it “out.”

This hairstyle is popular because it shows off your neck - without necessarily showing off your ears.

This hairstyle is perfect for the hippie dresses!

Which hairstyle is your favorite? What styles are you going for this season?
I would love to see a picture of your hairstyles, for more inspiration!


Marietta said...

During summer I avoid using heat, i give it a break!I let my hair dry naturally and i leave it down, or do a half do, or use flowers , or braids!


i love the super straight hairdo's. they always look so pretty!

TML <3 said...

good idea leaving your hair drying naturally! :-)

Yes, me too! I love specially her hair on this picture!