Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Get an organized wardrobe!

Orginization is the best way to get a tidy wardrobe. There are a lot of great ideas for making a organized wardrobe, Ikea has one of them!

This is a great organized wardrobe from Ikea. You can buy the wardrobe in pieces, so you get the perfect storage for your clothes, shoes and accessories.

There are a lot of different ways you can get your wardrobe organised. You don't have to buy a new wardrobe(!). I hope some of this tips will help you on the way!

A great ide for putting your accessories;
belts, scarfs, braclets, hairbands or maybe socks and singlets!

You can easly find a simple wardrobe, that's only a hanger. The only one I can think of that's international, is from Ikea. With this kind of hanger you can hang all your pretty dresses, skirts, jackets and shirts on. It is also great for hanging your jeans and belts on!

A great idea to put all your small thing in! You can do like me - put your underwear and all small accessories in them.
Instead of having all your shoes haning around in the house, you can save the shoebox when you buy yourself a new pair of shoes.. Rapp nice giftpaper around the shoebox, and take a picture of the shoes and glue it the front. This way you will have all your shoes organised!

Inspiration picked up from Google..

Make your own personal hanger! Buy wood-hangers and paint them in which colour you like. Glue on stickers, glitter or diamonds for a more elegant look. Tie a silk ribbon around the hanger and volà - you have your own homemade hanger!

Later, I will tell you how you can get your earrings organised! It's creative, can be used as a picture on the wall (I won't tell you more yet!).

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Sabita said...

Så bra at du skriver på engelsk, det er et pluss og thumbs up ;-)

syd vicious said...

I'd really like to have cute hangers like those! I should try that DIY one day.

Renate Iselin said...

Sv: Tusen takk :D Gleder meg til å se den lille babyen min jeg å (selvfølgelig) :p
I dag så er det 38 dager til termin. Ikke lenge altså :o