Monday, March 9, 2009

MAC eyeshadow for green eyes

At the airport in Oslo, on my way to Germany, I had to stop and take a look at the MAC products in the taxfree! I talked to this nice makeup artist, that helped me find the products I was searching for.

I have eyes that look like a mix between green-blue and gray, so I never really know what colour I should choose. (However, I have found out that brown and gold are good matches!)

I wanted an eyeshadow for daily basis, but also for parties. She gave me some recomandations, but said Vex was the one she would have gone for.

(Later update with picture using Vex as day/party-makeup)

Vex is an eyeshadow-colour in beige that is great for green eyes, because it has pink and green pearls that makes your eyes even more outstanding! Wearing Vex under other eyeshadows can look really good, because it has this special frosty-shimmer to it.

Sadly, the Vex is only a limited edition! So if you really like this colour, I recommand you to get two or more of it ;-)

What colours do you think look good for green eyes?


Emma said...

Vex is a perm shadow :)

Emma said...

It's in the permanent collection, not limited :)


i like vex. its really pretty. i think bronze eyeshadows are great for green eyes, brings the color out!

TML <3 said...

I have started using Vex with Honest, I think it looks really naturall, and yes! brings out the green in the eyes :)