Thursday, March 19, 2009

Outfits from Topshop's webpage

Everytime I am in England, I normally go to Topshop to have a look at their clothes. Unfortantly, today I am sitting at school and I am not in England.. So I think it's great that Topshop has a website for us who are just looking! I recomman you to have a look, press here.

They have lots of cool shoes and accessories! These are two of the dresses I liked, I will post the other ones later on.

Tamsin M.L.


Anonymous said...

I havent been topshop in FOREVER...gosh need to get that summer wardrobe.

Renate Iselin said...

ah, de har så UTROLIG mye fint på topshop. jeg elsker den butikken! :D

Julie Kristine said...

åh, det var mye fint :-)

TML <3 said...


I haven't been at topshop since last summer! You should take a look if you have it close to where you live ;-)

Renate og Julie Kristine:

Jaaa, vet! Digger skoene, undertøyet og kjolene =)