Friday, March 13, 2009

Pretty and short hair for summer

This girl has a really pretty face and a nice haircut!

What do you think about this hairstyle?

I think it would look really pretty for summer! If I will have short hair again, I think I will try something similar to this style!

If you have long hair;
Are you scared of cutting your long hair short? I am!

To you with short hair;
Do you miss having long hair?


pinkicedcupcake said...

ive got long hair and am having it cut today, im so nervous, looking forward to having a new short style though

Anonymous said...

I've had long hair forever and about 2 yrs ago I chopped it off Victoria beckham style. It took 2 years to grow back. lol

LOVED the short hair though!

Dries quicker, easier to style and less hair

i say go for it!

Cris said...

Short hair's easier to wash and take care of, it needs less product, it feels cooler :-P...But I do miss my long waves sometimes.
Sometimes. Not often :). <3 my short hair.
Oh, and Kate really is very pretty, and this hair really suits her ;).

Emma said...

I was always really nervous about chopping off my long hair but since I did I've not looked back - a blunt bob is probably my favourite hairstyle, it's a classic and you can't go wrong with it. I'm only growing mine for a change... but then also for the satisfaction of chopping it back to jaw length in a few months.

ANGE said...

i used to have really long hair - down to my hips nearly.

i then cut it up to my shoulders and HATED IT!!! i missed my long hair sooo much; it's taken years for me to get it to its current length now (halfway down my back) but i WILL NEVER go short again!! :)

IchigoBunnie said...

i had my hair long to my mid back, at the lowest layer of my hair, and then last summer i decided to chop it off to my shoulders, which is a little more than half of the hair i had.

it's really fun having short hair! very LIGHT too. oh, and shampooing your hair is a breeze and it dries MUCH faster. i love it!

however yea, i do miss having long hair. im in the thought process of either keeping my short haircut for one more turn and then growing it out, or, start growing it out right now....i can't decide! i do want to grow my hair out with tons of layers put in, with the longest layer down to my belly button or something, and shorter layers frame around my shoulders and such...

goodluck with the haircuts :)

Sarah said...

OH gosh yes! I am terrified of getting my hair cut short! It takes so long to grow! I have gone through the process of growing it and then getting the chop only to hate it everyone single time. So I have learnt my lesson now, to just leave it be. When I'm sick of it I usually just get a few layers or different colours or something. Love your blog!!! It is gorgeous just as you are = )


i've had my hair long for years and when i decided to cut it short i really loved it. but after years with short hair, i miss my long hair. but its great for a change especially during spring. cut it! you can always grow it back. :) i love that hair cut!

TML <3 said...

It sounds like a lot of you have good experience with short hair, and have a positiv feeling about the difference from having long hair to short! However, I think I'm to scared to cut it off, I would miss my length TO much I think.. And last time I had short hair (probelly because off the cut), I looked like I was around 10 or something :S