Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Update from Germany trip

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't replied you comments, but I have been busy the last days.

On sunday I came home from my stay in Germany, I had a lovely time there! It's sad being home again, I want to go back right away!

I have bought some makeup and cosmetics from MAC and The Body Shop, that I will try and write about it later. I have to pack my bags out first!
helped me find lots coconut-creams, as Matthias and Oliver knows I love the smell of it! I also got the mascara from Helena Rubenstein with the leopard patter!

Some of the stuff I got from MAC:
Eyeshadows, fluidline in Blacktrack, brush cleanser + a brush

The Body Shop products:
Eyeshadow, blending brush, hair cure, hair serum, showergel + lipgloss

As I love Germany so much, I'm thinking of going there as an Au Pair after my summerholiday!! If you know someone who seeks for an Ai Pair around Stuttgart/Boeblingen/Sindelfingen, please let me know! I have already heard from three familys who are interested, so I think this will be a great experience!

What have you been upto lately?


Superficialgirl said...

Sounds like you had fun! :) Blacktrack fluidline is amazing! i think its my fave mac item ever!

TML <3 said...

It was awsome! =) I think I have to work how I apply it, but it seems good!

ANGE said...

OMG your skin is sooo gorgeous!! your pale and ethereal looking! :)

ps. did u end up getting a tattoo love?

GiGi said...

Thanx on the comment. Do you like Stila? If you like my layout, on the left corner at the top of my page under the search box there is a link you can click on. You have all kinds of layouts & it shows you how to link it to blogger. Hit the free layout link.

Let me know if it works. So i can see your new page.

Renate Iselin said...

Nåw, så søte bilder :)

Sv: Ja, Natalie er jo et nydelig navn da :) min favoritt hittils iallefall ;p