Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My tattoo plans

After I took my first tattoo - "Viva la Vida", I'm like in love with tattoos! I want one hear and there.. but I now where the line goes, and for me (at this time) it's only going as long as the "illustration" picure I made her downunder;

You may probelly think it looks a littlebit odd, but all these signs/drawings have a meaning for me. Maybe not the Roman numbers are sooo special, but I have allways loved Roman numbers + it's my date of birth.. At least, if I got it right this time ;)

It's just a "picture" of what I "have-in-mind"..

What do you think?


Marietta said...

The one of the back of your neck is amazing, I want one at the same place but cant decide about the pattern yet.
The tiger scares me just because it seems big and painful to make! :)

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I *love& tattoos :) Have you got one already? I only have one but want many more!

TML <3 said...

I love it too! hehe. I'm not sure what language I should choose, I want something that looks kind of like arabic, as I like the "letters" in the alphabet.

I think the tiger will hurt, specially when it's on this place on the back! But i think it looks really pretty, but maybe I be to scared to take it, it's just a "plan" till now anyway :)

I have one now, I took it in Germany on a holiday. It's on my foot, didn't hurt at all (only when they did the "filling", where the letters were are a littlebit thicker. I want mooore!

Where do you have one? :)

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I've got one on my lower back, its a crescent moon and three stars - one below it, two above it. I'll have to show you a picture on my blog one day :)

I really want one on my wrist. It is a love heart, and the letters 'ove' inside, the 'L' being the outline of th you know what I mean?


TML <3 said...

Yeah, tell me when you uploaded a photo on your blog! :-)

I think I know what you mean! The second one your thinking of sounds cute .. <3

Renate Iselin said...

Syntes de tatoveringene så skikkelig kule ut jeg! Har blitt ekta på tatoveringer jeg også, vil ha mange mange flere, men "tørr" liksom ikke :P

Men har lyst til å tatovere navnet til dattera mi da. Det må jeg nesten! :p

Kate Gene said...

I love tattoos; my husband is covered in 'em. In fact, one of his tattoos is of a tiger! His tiger looks angry though. LOL!

That's cool all of the tattoos you want to get mean something to you. Those are the best ones to get. :)