Friday, October 22, 2010

One more go

I´m thinking about starting blogging again! Haven´t done it for ages! Don´t really know if I´m having the time for it, but whatever - lets try it at least!

It´s funny to go threw this old blog and read what I have been writing about for ages ago!

Anyway.... I just got one of my illustrations posted on one of Norways biggest bloggers, which I am quit happy about!

Part from that, I am now an aupair in Germany. Been living here the last year, looking after a real sweetheart named Fabio which is aged 1,5 soon! The time has gone so fast by!!

I am learning german in a university with my bestfriend here in Germany, she is from New Zealand! Hopefully in end of january I can speak GREAT german, hoho, thats my intention!

I´m sorry if my english is really sucky at time, I am so confused about speaking 3 languages, and sometimes the words just gets real mixed up!! Oh, hard life..

My hostfamily was so nice that they let me get a puppy! I missed my pussycatty Simba so much, that I needed someone, haha.. So know I am having my sweetest dearest Romeo, which is around 4 months old now!

He is a big biter! Takes my trash out, pulls my scarfs down from the wall and makes my bedroom a big mess - but I love him anyway, because he is the sweetest doggie you could imagen! :-)

So, lets see how long it will take me before I keep you updated on my new life in Germany! Tonight I´m going to Keller Klub with Dino & Rachie! Some dj´s from London are supposed to be coming? Sounds great! :D

BTW! Check out my myspace profile!

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